The HART Advantage

Hart Dynamics has been designing Electracoustic® Percussion Products and custom systems for the best players in the music Industry for 20 years. Our revolutionary and innovative original designs are often imitated, but never duplicated, as there is no substitute for experience. Hart Dynamics has been building only electronic drum products longer than any other company in the World!  We do not offer more of the same.  We offer a truly unique electronic drumming experience with products designed to bridge the gap between electronics and acoustics. 

Low Volume Drumming

Drums are awesome.  Drum shields and rubber pads are not.  We help drummers, venues, and churches control volume levels without having to reduce to drum shields or rubber pads.  Hart offers a variety of volume control solutions from custom installs to clip on triggers.  All we do are triggers and the reason we can improve the way electronic percussion is experienced.  Play on actual drums and cymbals anywhere any time without the volume.


TE3.2 Technology

Our renowned triggering technology is the most advanced in the industry. All Hart Professional drums and Acupad Electronic Drums come with TE3.2 Advanced Trigger System Technology and Kontrol Screen Drumheads. The most accurate, durable, easy to use trigger system available!



Tommy Lee


Carter Beauford


Morgan Rose


Matt Sorum


Robin DiMaggio


Atom Willard


Rick Allen


Billy Mason


George Clinton


Dennis Kurtilla


Trevor Lawrence Jr.